Zero Carb Company’s objective is to accommodate a structural and meaningful change in worldwide consumers’ everyday food consumption pattern. We develop attractive and high nutrient dense alternatives for everyday bakery products. Low in sugar and low in carbs, but just tasty and readily available.

We hope our innovations will permanently change the world-in-food – even positivily disrupt our whole attitude towards food – we’re the odd ones IN and here to stay!


In the western world obesitas and other lifestyle related diseases caused by the abundance of (unhealthy) foods is an ever emerging and eminent problem. Therefore we believe our high nutrient dense bakery products enhance our lifestyle and general wellbeing. No matter your age, all over the world. To ensure sustainable consumer accessibility in their everyday quest for food we will actively collaborate with other producers, supermarkt retailers and the out-of-home market.

Secretly we hope to start a worldwide movement to make high nutrient dense food mainstream solutions…


Zero Carb Company is an ambitious joint venture between Bakker Wiltink, a state of the art, third generation bakery and TOP BV, an innovative developer for the food industry, based in Europe’s food valley Wageningen. Zero Carb Company creates and produces high nutrient dense bakery foods on an industrial level, low in sugar, low in carbs.

First food category for innovation will be bread – just wait and see…