In the western world, people want to be on top of their carbohydrate consumption, whether they want to or have to. Our bakery products perfectly suit a ketogenic, high-protein and low-carb performance diets. To ensure sustainable consumer accessibility, we are actively collaborating with producers, offering toll-manufacturing opportunities and seeking knowledge and licence partners around the world, connecting with supermarket retailers and key players in the out-of-home market.

We have arrived at the first step of our journey – Gluten free / Zero Carb Bread.

And there is much more to come !

The First Zero Carb Gluten-Free Bread In The World

A healthy and appealing alternative to the usual sliced bread we eat on a daily basis. High in protein and rich in fibres, and above all gluten-free. It looks and tastes just like bread – if not better.

And this is just the first step on our journey. Get ready for a full range of zero carb gluten-free bakery products to come.

bread doodles zero carbs


Zero Carb Company’s objective is to accommodate a structural and meaningful change in worldwide consumers’ everyday food consumption pattern. We are developing a range of zero carb bakery products, with and without gluten. Low in sugar and carbs, high in proteins and super tasty.

Our innovations will permanently change the world-in-food, and help consumers to be on top of their carbs.


Zero Carb Company is an ambitious joint venture between Bakker Wiltink, a state of the art, third generation bakery and TOP BV, an innovative developer for the food industry, based in Europe’s food valley Wageningen. Zero Carb Company creates and produces a  range of zero-carb bakery products, with and without gluten, low in sugar and carbs, and high in protein.